Painting Using Coffee

Nov 22, 2020 - Nov 22, 202011:00-13:00
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Join on Arfe Painting or Coffee painting on 22nd November 2020.

Coffee painting is a popularly known technique in which coffee powder is used to make paintings. In this interactive and do-it-along session, our Knowledge Contributor - Sonam Mishra will help you sketch something fun and then paint your sketch using just coffee! Here you will learn how to make different hues from coffee powder while painting as well as understand how to take care of your latest Coffee painting masterpiece.


What you'll need for the session

  • 1 hour of your time
  • A working internet connection
  • Optional (The experience is all about doing-it-along with us!)
  • 2-3 Blank sheets of paper (Preferably thick)
  • Water in a cup or container
  • Any Coffee powder
  • Paint brush (any one small no. Eg 2,3,4)
  • Pencil
  • Tissue paper / rag cloth
  • Scale / Ruler


What you won't need for the session

  • No credit card details
  • No prior experience in painting

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