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Oct 27, 2020 - Oct 28, 202516:30-23:55
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ASP.NET MVC Online Training will be held on 27th October 2020 at Noida.

The Mastering ASP.NET MVC5 course is primarily designed for .NET Beginner(s)/Professional(s) who want to learn how to create web applications using the ASP.NET framework and MVC design pattern. In this course, you will learn how to create web pages, custom validation attributes, custom helpers, querying database using Entity Framework, and finally publish it on IIS.

ASP.NET MVC Course objectives

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to;

  1. Create custom html helpers and validations attributes
  2. Query database using Entity Framework ORM code first approach
  3. Design and develop scalable architecture
  4. Create DAL Layer using Entity Framework Code First approach
  5. Scale application for Phone, Tablets, Laptop & Desktop
  6. Understand and Implement Repository, Unit of Work and Dependency Injection Design Pattern
  7. Do errors logging by using ELMAH
  8. Optimize web page performance
  9. Understand Filters and Apply filters
  10. Secure application based on user roles
  11. Secure ASP.NET Web API using Token based security
  12. Publish theirs Apps on IIS and Cloud.


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