Meditation Teachers Training

May 01, 2021 - May 30, 202121:30-22:30
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Starting 01/05/2021 to 30/05/2021 - A Daily 60 mins talk on designing the blueprint of your life ahead along with periodic guided meditations.

Namaste Everyone,

The world according to me requires at least 300 enlightened souls for transformation. The essence of this series is to bring all participants to the doorsteps of 'Satori (a glimpse of enlightenment)'.

'Satori' is the space where the gestalt changes further, the participants need to be courageous to transcend.

For other fellow travelers who wish to join to be a Meditation Teacher is fine too, we all contribute to the same purpose & towards the same destination.

Come to space within you wherein your superpower & a Buddha become One.

This ongoing series is meant for authentic seekers of the spiritual path. Sessions each day will begin with the evolving road map for the Meditation Teachers Training journey ahead.

I am sure most of you have previously indulged in meditations or yoga.

Yet, there is a sense of "not arrived yet" within 99.9% of the seekers. There is still something missing that keeps you exploring around for more.

So come & join the dots of life, be in a space wherein your Mind, Body & Spirit are in harmony.

Let your energies flow from within so dancing that life radiates as ~Living Effortlessly~

Investing in your inner self is everlasting!!!

(Zoom Link will be shared with the registered seekers)

Be the light for the world.

Participate to make a difference in your community.



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