Honey and Money - Webinar

Apr 18, 2020 - Apr 19, 202016:00-18:00
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The webinar session on Honey and Money will be held on 18th April 2020 at Mumbai.

Most couples receive little or no guidance around important financial questions before they tie the knot. Your parents would have never talked to you about how to manage money as a couple but would have definitely planned your kids for you the day you got married

The workshop we have designed is to help you to develop a good relationship with money that will go a long way in making you a successful and happy couple. It is about taking the right money decisions just not for yourself but for each other.

The workshop will provide answers to:

  • Should we open a joint bank account?
  • How should we manage our income and expenses?
  • What if we have individual goals that are not a part of our joint goals as a couple?
  • Can I gift money to my spouse?
  • Should our investments be in our joint names or individual names?
  • Taxation of your investments/gifts and money exchange
  • How to financially plan for our children and their goals.

Whether you discuss money or not, once you are married, a lot of your financial and life goals are combined and as a couple, you have to work towards it.

Who should attend the workshop

Any couple married or otherwise who is managing/planning to manage their financial life together must attend this workshop.

Takeaways from the Workshop:

  • Address the ‘forbidden’ money questions and start talking about money as a couple, the right way.
  • Learn practical ways to manage your day to day finances.
  • Understand your joint and solo financial statements and goals.
  • Set yourself on a path to charting out and achieving your goals.


  • Wealth Cafe Activity Workbook for couples
  • Goal setting and Children planning to work
  • Know Couple’s ‘Risk Profile’. 

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