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The experience of jumping off a plane and heading towards the ground at breakneck speed while enjoying a rush of euphoria is yours to enjoy.

Tandem Skydiving Experience

The experience of jumping off a plane and heading towards the ground at breakneck speed while enjoying a rush of euphoria is yours to enjoy.

- Enjoy the experience of free-falling from a height of 10,000ft.

- Get a fantastic aerial view of Mysore before landing. 

- You will get a chance to maneuver the parachute with your instructor’s assistance. 

- You can have the entire experience videographed as a keepsake.

- All you need is an hour of training before you make the jump of your life! 

- A tandem jump is your entry into the world of skydiving.

Training Details

Our USPA instructor will train you thoroughly till the time he is satisfied with your various body positions which you need to maintain during the body flight during free fall.

The training will include various communication signals and landing posture and procedure.

The training will last for at least an hour, depending from individual to individual.

Guidelines and Facts

Weight Restrictions – Tandem skydive has a Maximum weight of 220.5lbs/100kgs. Maximum Body mass Index (BMI ) 30.0

Age limit – 18+

Weather Issues – Skydiving is weather-sensitive, making it unadvisable to jump at times. If such a situation arises we will try our best to reschedule your jump to the closest available slot. For this reason, we advise you to set aside a day for the activity, especially if you are travelling from elsewhere. However, If rescheduling is not possible we will give you a 100% refund of your jump cost. Please note though, we will not be liable for any other expenses you have incurred like travel, accommodation etc.

Aircraft Model – Fly a Cessna 172 Registered VT-MEH

Timings – With a training of about 1 hour and a flight time of an hour we expect you to finish up within 3 hours. However, we encourage you to set aside a day for the activity.

Trainer Qualifications – Our instructors are recognised and licensed by the United State Parachute Association (USPA), and have over 10 years and 3000 skydives between them.

Clothing – Preferably sportswear- shoes(that wont fall off), t-shirts and shorts/ pants/ tracks. We suggest you wear something warm during winters, try to have more layers of clothing than a large jacket.

Speed of Freefall – Approx 180kms/hr once you reach terminal velocity. Terminal velocity is the maximum speed you reach after falling. Imagine a sports car roaring and picking up from the start line and eventually reaching 180kms/hr and that’s it. No more. At this time you’ll be afloat in the air at an almost constant speed.

Indemnity Clause – Explara is indemnified from any accident during the event either due to the instructor/gear/equipment or due to bad weather conditions that might lead to consequences such as any form of physical injury or even death. Explara however has agreed to promote this experience based on the technical capabilities presented by the organizer.

Terms and conditions

You need to be reasonably physically fit and need to get a medical certificate of fitness form a general medical practitioner.

You will also be signing an indemnity bond before you jump.

You will have to be below 90 kg in weight for static & tandem both & your height should be maximum 5.10 feet for tandem

You should have no history of high BP, cardiac problems or serious back injuries.

You have to be at least above 18 yrs of age to do the tandem jump

Cancellation policy:

1. If you decide to cancel your seat, More than 5 days before jump - 15% of your payment will be retained by us.

2. Less than 2 days before jump - there is no refund, you can transfer booking to somebody else, in that case there wont be any cancellation charges. On case basis we will see if we can change your date of jump.

3. In case of cancellation from organizer's side due to weather or any other issues , 100% refund will be given but will not be responsible for the cost incurred for your travel, accommodation and other expenses.

Call @ +91-9015118342 Mysore Mysore, Karnataka, India Entry Criteria: Booking Not Available
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