Losoong Festival

Dec 27, 2021 - Dec 30, 202106:00-22:00
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Losoong is one of Sikkim's grand festival!

India is a land of innumerable festivals, in tread with the cycle of the seasons. The Indian Calendar is replete with a long procession of fairs and festivals .. These fairs and festivals bestow color and gaiety to life of the Indians. Some festivals are fasts and specific protocols of religion while others are celebrated all throughout the country in different names.

The vivacity of the people is reflected in the colorful liveliness of the fairs and festivals. Processions, prayers, new attires, dance, music etc. are essentials related to any of such celebration. The Indian calendar is marked by superfluity of such big and small occasions. Some festivals are mainly of religious nature, and others are related more to, change of season and harvesting. They have a retentive past and many have gone through major alterations. Though,

Celebration of Losoong Festival in Sikkim
The Losoong Festival in Sikkim begins each year in the 10th month of the Tibetan calendar. Surely there can be no better time to plan your trip to Sikkim. It gives you the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a religious festival and fair and also be witness to the extravagant carnival.

Losoong Festival is another way of celebrating the Sikkimese New Year. Held in the tenth month of the Tibetan calendar, the Loosong Festival of Sikkim, at the end of the harvest season, rejoice and pray for a better harvest for the next year. Held generally in the month of December, Loosong Festival is the most vibrant festival of Sikkim where one can get to see the customary Cham dance, the colorful garments and get the taste of mountain festive passion.

A traditional festival of the Bhutias, the Loosong Festival, is to welcome the new season with a magnificent exuberant celebrations. Also celebrated by the Lepchas, the Losoong festival fills the entire Sikkim with a festive spirit. The traditional Cham dance takes place where the people dress up as divinities and perform the dance. The dances are a way to exorcize the evil spirits and welcome the good spirit of the Sikkim New Year.

If one wishes to be a part of the celebrations you can also take a sip of the local wine Chaang and get submerged in the festive mood. The dances are performed at the monasteries at Tsuklakhang Palace, Phodong and Rumtek Monastery. The occasion is also celebrated by traditional archery competitions. The Loosong Festival in Sikkim is an important festival and tourists from all over the world visit Sikkim to be a part of this sacred festival.

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