Losar Festival of Ladakh

Jan 03, 2022 - Jan 03, 202210:00-18:00
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Losar Festival marks the New Year and is one of the most important festivals in Ladakh.

The Losar festival is one of the important festivals of Tibetans. This beautiful festival is the sign of the beginning of New Year for the Tibetan calendar. It is just the perfect place to look for godliness and allow you to come close to divinity.

The peoples welcome the festivities by cleaning their homes and preparing for the performances. Wearing masks form an integral part of the festival. Locals take part in grand feasts that are also offered to the gods and ancestors. The decorations and the offerings as part of the festival are known as “Lama Losar.”

The most interesting part of the celebration is the masked dance, which looks extremely inviting and exciting. The festival is actually representatives from Nepal, Bhutan China, and Mongolia.

Major Highlights:

  • Folk dance & music performances
  • Metho or evening procession
  • Special prayers in the monasteries
  • Gifts exchange
  • A variety of special dishes

Plan a trip to Ladakh to join the festivities of Losar.

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