Dance Workshop in Mumbai

Sep 24, 2018 - Dec 22, 2018 6 to 7 pm
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The Tilak Dubey Dance Skool organizes the 3 months of Dance Workshop which starts from 24th September in Mumbai.

The Tilak Dubey Dance Skool happy to announce the 3 months of dance workshop in Mumbai. This workshop event will start from 24th September which features bolly hop, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Free Style.

Table of Contents

 1. Dance and dancing. history, definitions, theory, lists of types of dances, the glossary of dancing terms - for health, fitness, teaching, motivation, careers, starting a dance school or business - tips for how to dance and how to teach dancing...

 3. Main Index - Dance and Dancing

 4. Introduction to Dance and Dancing, Waltz to Bhangra, and Bollywood to hip-hop.

5. for this dance article and how to use it

6. Origins of dance - dancing in human history

7. Definitions of dance - dance word origins, history... what is dance?

8. Benefits of Dance

 9. Who can dance? Everyone can dance...

10. Dancing and disability

11. How to learn to dance, How to teach dance, Tips and principles.

12. Dance styles and different forms of dancing - summary of the major dance types

For further information, contact us at 9975665948 / 

Phone: 9975665948 LLAXMI INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, OPPOSITE SHABRI HOTEL Mumbai Entry Criteria: Not Available Not Available
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