World Music Day
World Music Day June 18,2019 music , lifestyle

The World Music Day is observed on June 21 every year.  The idea of Music Day began not so long ago and is the result of the notion put forward by Jack Lang, the then Minister of Culture in October 1981. Jack Lang wanted Maurice Fleuret to be the Director for Music and Dance under his Ministry. The evolutionary idea of “the music everywhere and the concert nowhere” was reflected in the French music culture. In 1982, when the cultural habits of the French people was studied the two could infer that majority of the youth could play one instrument or the other. As the result of which, the duo brought people out in the streets to showcase their talents in 1982 in Paris.

In the French dialect, the music day was called ‘Fete de la Musique’ ad was adopted by many countries later and soon became an international sensation. Of the countries that upheld World Music Day were UK, USA, Japan, India, China, Germany, Italy, Greece, Russia, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Canada. The idea of celebrating World Music Day put forth by Jack Lang and Maurice Fleuret thus became a massive hit world-wide!

The founders of the World Music Day expected mainly two positive implications as the result of celebrating music in this approach. The two accomplishments they wanted to achieve were:

  • The amateurs and professional musicians were stimulated to play music in the streets thereby endorsing the slogan “Make Music”.
  • All genres of music should be accessible to the public through free concerts. The participating cities are sticking to this idea till date. The idea is free music and performers bestowing their time free of charge.

At this time of the year, when music is taken freely out in the streets, the noise restrictions and rules are taken aback with only certain specific guidelines alone to be followed by the organizers and music-goers.

On World Music Day, different countries opt for different themes for creating awareness among the public. The theme could be anything like environment protection, war or a global cause, political biases etc. to name a few.

With so many genres, so many precious musicians who have redefined music in their own ways, with so many social conscience themes to create awareness about through the power of music and the passionate music lovers to entertain, the music will live on not just on World Music Day, but always!

Music is an attitude, a religion, a passion, a cure, strength and is always in the brewing for newer tomorrows…! Period!!