Why should you choose IndiaEve for upcoming events?
Why should you choose IndiaEve for upcoming events? June 01,2019 art , business , culture , education , family , lifestyle , music , sports

Are you in search of events near you? IndiaEve is at your service!  A simplified event website, IndiaEve is your ruling online tool for event search. Always updated with the latest events, user friendly platform and easy ticket booking options, India eve is your all-in-all for your search for all Events in India.

User is our priority:

The random users of event web portals can peep into our web portal for a first-hand inference and know-hows. Initially, user will have to register in IndiaEve (which is a one-time process) and later they can simply log in to surf through events near you. By signing our newsletter sign up section, IndiaEve establishes a long term relationship with our customers and keeps them posted about all the upcoming events in India.

Platforms offered by India Eve:

It is a hefty task to go through a pile of event, when the user has interest or favoritism to a particular occurrence. IndiaEve has different segments for various events like arts, lifestyle, culture, education, music, sports, business and family so that users can easily book tickets according to their preferences.

In addition, Indiaeve web portal also offers the users to search events using keywords. The website saves our users’ time through our ‘Search’ section. If the user knows the event he is in the lookout for, simply typing in the keywords will directly launch them to the searched event’s page

A symbiotic platform:

Indiaeve is a mutually benefitting platform i.e. users can book any events in India and they can suggest events. By suggesting events and furnishing the details in the section, India eve becomes your marketing tool for promoting events organized by you. IndiaEve share your suggests in social media resulting in a wider span of attention for your events and we will make sure to promote your event in every way possible to reap success.

Additional Features:

Users can take a glimpse of our past events and take a tour in our gallery to get a clear picture of India eve!

Once you choose the event you would like to attend, India eve facilitates you with booking tickets option and payment gateway leads to your final destination with event booking process. How easy is that? Not just this, if you have any confusion regarding a particular event that you booked tickets for, like:

  • Details of the event (modules included, speakers etc.)?
  • Rating and videos related to the event
  • Location of happening of the event
  • Contact details of the event
  • Sharing of the event with friends/ family through social media

-India eve has the details for all of it in the web page!


Ease of use, perfection in the process and customer satisfaction is our driving force.  A service which is symbiotic, there isn’t a better platform than India eve that offers you with the most updated, detailed, easy to book, social media benefitted, customer-centric and the list can go on, which provides you with the best of event booking service.

Try IndiaEve and results are rest assured!