Why is 2020 the Best Time to Switch Your Events to Virtual Platforms?
Why is 2020 the Best Time to Switch Your Events to Virtual Platforms? June 26,2020 business

Year 2020 has been full of ‘bolt from the blue’ with the Corona thing going on. Even though being so, there have been some life lessons that we could learn from the pressing situations. As far as event industries are concerned, there have been tremendous changes happening.

Events are all about everything involved physically whether it is people, organizers or various paper works involved. The very kernel of event industries and event organizing has changed and everything got digitized after the corona occurrence.

As days passed and things started getting tense for event industries, organizers pondered over other ways to dodge the crisis. Digital medium was the best answer that the event industries could arrive at. The free events listing portal were the best ones who could carry out this solution for the event industry. Online ticketing systems, conducting events online could be easily carried out by free event ticketing systems like IndiaEve. 

Online event listing platform like IndiaEve offers every online services that an event requires like:

  • Listing events
  • Selling events online
  • Booking event tickets online
  • Promoting events and many more

2020 has proven that events- whether in virtual or actual mode- can bring the delight and cheerfulness expected form it among event enthusiasts. Since various health organizations have warned the public of the threats corona will persistently have in the future, it is highly likely that people opt for virtual events until there is a change in the current status quo.

Why will 2020 witness the mass switching of event industries from conducting events in virtual mode rather than online mode? Here are some of the important reasons for this new fad in the event industry:

  • The threat of corona pandemic will be in pursuit for some more time
  • It is more cost saving for event companies
  • Unaffordable huge performers can be made performing from their remote or comfortable location. This saves a lot of travel expenses, hotel stay expenses and other expenses for the event organizers.
  • Event enthusiasts can enjoy their events from home, without having to worry about any health angsts 
  • Small events to large events will have a chance to showcase their performance in the virtual platform, which otherwise was unmanageable for small events or small business.
  • We can break the boundaries! If events are happening in some other country and are being live streamed by an attended in another country, that is definitely a new way of breaking the boundaries and barriers.
  • There are events which raise funds. When an online event platform is set, the prospective audience will be larger than that of the number of audience expected in the regular way of conducting events. So we all are uniting for a noble act regardless of the place we are from!
  • Things will be more organized for everyone involved in online event listing. All the contents are traceable from the website and there is no room for any confusion regarding the processes or the system.
  • Everything from bills to posters to announcements are digital and there is no use of paper. Hence you can confidently say that you are being socially responsible towards protecting our environment.

From the recent trends, it is being speculated that there will be more switching of companies to conduct virtual events, even after the corona crisis is over because for some parties of the event industry this has proven to be a more sophisticated and revenue generating source. Whether virtual or regular mode of conducting events, IndiaEve can be the best option for supporting your endeavour!