Why Collaborative Learning is considered to be the Future of Event Networking?
Why Collaborative Learning is considered to be the Future of Event Networking? August 19,2020 business , music , education

World is going through times like never before! Homes suddenly turned into office units and school units. New online modes of conducting education and important courses are coming into existence. Event networking ideas are slowly widening its expanse and transforming into a facilitating platform for collaborative learning. 

How can event networking platforms switch or support collaborative learning? So what exactly does collaborative learning carry out? The process of collaborative learning includes different contexts like team meetings, online groups, courses of different kinds, discussion tools, web conferencing, instructor-student online collaboration etc. thereby removing logistical issues involved in face-to-face conduct of conventions of such kind. Event networking platforms know the pulse of the event industry and know how to make the event networking function in the proper channel in the collaborative learning perspective.

What does collaborative learning through event networking offer?

  • Digital Live Learning
  • Educational exhibitions
  • Classroom Learning
  • One-to-one Networking
  • Virtual Discussions and Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Think/Write-Pair-Share Programmes
  • Fishbowl Debates
  • Case Study
  • Team based Learning
  • Group Problem Solving
  • Catch-up Meetings

What are the Advantages of Event Networking Platform Enabled Collaborative Learning?

  • Enables meeting irrespective of time zones or regional barriers
  • Allows the participation of only authorized participants thus ensuring filtration of illegitimate  members
  • Allows pre-recorded sessions for future references as many times as the participants want and solve problems occurring across teams and processes
  • Participants can assess training sessions and add or reduce team size as per the requisites 
  • Collaborative learning over a shared event networking platform creates communities constituting an audience from different provinces and the possibilities are very high that these communities mark the beginning of clusters over a wide range of regions.
  • Collaborative learning is one event networking ideas where people can ‘grow and let others grow’. Your ideas will get wide recognition and the same applies for others too. Knowing others viewpoints and sharing yours is one of continual improvement for either party.
  • Developing new products and familiarising it with the audience becomes a hands down task when done over event networking platforms, which procures quick recognition and even quicker results.


Collaborative learning has been behind the scenes of event networking for quite some time now. Recent times have triggered the demand for collaborative learning to a larger extent and has pushed itself to such a level that this is going to be the future of learning as well as events. 

One thing about collaborative learning is that it is a viable solution for not just a group of audience from a single quarter, but academic platforms, global project management and other local or global programmes can be handled with time, cost, space and effort reduced considerably.

Even though there generally is a detrimental statement regarding collaborative learning that it creates confusion as people will go at different speeds and might feel uncomfortable with, everything is just a matter of time. Once the networking audience participating in the event networking platform surpasses the odds, the merit that it can offer will be terrific!

When an event listing platform like IndiaEve has enough knowledge and experience to share, choosing an event networking platform for collaborative learning is nothing but too pertinent in the current context.