What Virtual Event Mistakes Might You Probably Commit? Here is Your Checklist
What Virtual Event Mistakes Might You Probably Commit? Here is Your Checklist October 23,2020 art , lifestyle , business , sports , music

Event industries have witnessed a whole new ‘experimenting phase’ in the way events are conducted. Virtual events in India that took the national events and regional events to the next level have shown that events have that knack for adaptability in any given situation. Hybrid event ideas took a paradigm shift and the audience also changed the way events are conceived. Through hybrid events in 2020, the audience got a fair introduction to global events. Sitting anywhere they like, the hybrid event ideas developed by various industries familiarized the audience with a variety of their latest products and brands.

Virtual Event Mistakes are real and all you need to steer clear of such mistakes is a little precautions. Let us first identify what the common mistakes committed by hybrid events in 2020 are! They are…

Not Practicing Makes Your Hybrid Event Ideas Imperfect!

Events create dullness when the same theme or subject is repeated over and over again. Practice your events and make it perfect by correcting the pitfall every now and then. Mock runs of events will help you duck the blemishes that might probably occur during the actual happening of the event. And yes, this refers to the light, sound and the entire script associated with a particular event. It can be a challenging and tiring task, but it is rest assured to pay off very well during the actual event occurrence.

Not Appointing a Curator for Your Hybrid Events in 2020!

Be it the virtual events in India or in the global podium, a curator who can be the intermediate between your event and the audience is very essential. This person will be the voice and virtual presence of your event. Judiciously handling the chat with the audience, taking questions, passing them to speakers and consistently engaging the prospective audience thereby routing more audience to your event are carried out by the curator- this is one side behind the hybrid event ideas that will fill a huge void in your event.

Making Heavy Content 

When the event is a one-to-one event, it is expected to be lengthy in general. But when the audience is massive, keeping the content crisp and short is what will lure them to enjoy the event till end. Hybrid Events are all different and the content should be maintained crisp and to the point. Video content can actually convey messages faster and the audience shall find video contents more appealing. Say bye-bye to long and hefty presentations and make a hybrid event worth its name!

Too Much Duration of Virtual Events

Hybrid events have both a physical audience as well as virtual audience. Duration should be so adjusted that both virtual and physical audiences should find the time duration satisfying. Physical audiences might not have a problem spending most of their time for a hybrid event, but the case is otherwise for a virtual audience. Virtual events in India are generally quoted to be too time consuming and hence it is important that the duration of the event is kept optimal for both kinds of audience. 

Other major mistakes that hybrid events commit are:

  • Untrained speakers or presenters 
  • Poor streaming quality
  • Poor treatment of virtual audience
  • Choosing the wrong and amateur platform and sponsors
  • Poorly exercised online/offline engagement activities
  • Different pricing strategies for online and offline audience

Exterminate all these mistakes with the most favorable solutions and the plan of actions for your hybrid events in 2020 are good to go!