Transform Your Home Office into A Virtual Main Stage
Transform Your Home Office into A Virtual Main Stage October 08,2020 business , education

Earlier it was only the YouTubers and now the work-from-home professionals also have changed their home setting to a virtual main stage. Connecting with your clients, co-workers and other work personnel has become a common thing and your homes have adapted and upgraded to the new office environment. Situations demand that the home setting may so set up that it becomes a virtual event occurrence place. The home office has to be visually appealing and compelling to the viewers.

Basically what is conveyed through this blog is how to set up your home office especially to those working personnel who frequently interact with the various partakers in your office through video conferencing and presentations. Yes, your homes are entering the world of the event industry with the help of certain tips relevant for event marketing but in a lighter perspective.


Things you need for Your House while Converting into a Virtual Market:

Camera: Your smart phones have the perfect camera lens and the laptops have webcams with clarity. Once you have the camera that meets your home office expectation, the next thing in your to-do list is to align it in the correct elevation and make the portrait/landscape view of your home office virtual market look professional.  Use a tripod stand if you should and correct the level with objects that will give a firm support for your portable smart device cameras. Raises your laptop level with a pile of books if you should, but the ultimate visual impact has to be unique.

Audio and Visual Setups: If you are planning to connect from your laptop, that will give you more audio and video quality. So it is always better if you prefer laptops to smart phones. It will be all the more better if you can use separate devices for visual input and audio input so that the two can be edited and fused perfectly to make the virtual market in the home setting look better. 

Prefer Natural Lighting: You have the sun up above that can give you the best light setting for the home-made virtual event. Make your image look brighter by facing the Sun by sitting near the window.

Background Setting: Choose a plain background setting or a background setting that is relevant to the virtual event you are hosting at home. Fabric in dark shades can also do well for the background setting.

Which video platforms can help you in hosting online events in India at a home setting?

- Zoom

- Microsoft Teams

- Google Duo

- Skype

Also, there are plenty of graphic tools that can give added advantages and extra polishing to your virtual event. Choose ideal visual elements and templates that will make your virtual market created at home look catchy and appealing to the prospective audience.

Make sure that you have all the settings ready because if it was for a real event in an actual physical place , you would have taken all the needed measures. Let us make things as perfect as it can be and take care of the following categories:

Quality microphone with good sound quality so that there is now audibility issues for your viewers during the event. 

Big resolution cameras to keep the visual quality which will look appealing to the audience

Lighting setups are essential requisite for your house based virtual events as the climate and natural lighting cannot be always favouring.

Once you have equipped your physical space of your virtual event, the rest is in your hands. Half done is well begun! If you follow the suggestions communicated here, we know you have well begun your virtual event.