Impact of Natural Calamities on Event Industries & Ways to Recover from Disasters
Impact of Natural Calamities on Event Industries & Ways to Recover from Disasters July 06,2020 business

Disasters are bound to happen, regardless of who gets affected by it! An industry as a whole is not devoid of any catastrophes, let alone individuals. At the moment, CoronaVirus is playing a nasty role and the entire world has gone rogue. Starting from individuals to huge organizations and industries, the impact it leaves is devastating…
It is true that the tight situation that the pandemic has put us in will eventually be overcome, and things will be better than it was earlier. Virtual events are what the event industries are currently running on and selling of events online have been happening only for that fraction. The event industry spectators were quoted commenting that Virtual Events shall have demand even after the epidemic settles down and everything becomes the ‘new normal’. But still there are event industries who have been waiting for a long time now to get ‘over and out’ with this pandemic and getting things back on the right track.
During this time of isolations and social distancing, people might be wondering the prolongevity that the event industry has put us in. But this is the digital era that we are talking about and people always find a way to make things happen. As of event industries, they have come up with the idea of virtual events, and the participation of the enthusiasts is immense amidst the tough times! These kinds of virtual events are good showbiz at a time like this when people are sitting at their homes.
Coming again to the matter of natural calamity affecting event industry, following are the challenges:

  •         Fugitive from the devastating financial liabilities that event industries are wedged in
  •         Reimbursing the ticket amount of the cancelled event to everyone as applicable per policies
  •         Reinstating the normal conditions of the dependant employees of the event industry
  •         Managing the event database and classifying postponed and cancelled events for furthering plans correspondingly

How to Recover from Disasters?
Coronavirus outbreak is not the only calamity that we are talking about, but other calamities also count when it comes to affecting the event industry. Earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters also badly impact the industry;only these calamities make things even worse! During such calamities, the damages made to the infrastructure and properties too will count,and the scale of loss would be way too large.  This is the very reason why event industries ought to have contingency plans.
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is vital strategic plans that every organization should have to meet such unprecedented incidents. For example, had your event industry been disaster insurance covered, it wouldn't have been this big a financial burden on your organization! Hence a BCP! CoronaVirus recovery or recovery from any calamity can be attained if the following points are taken care of:

1. Try to have a productive discussion with your clients

o   If the client doesn’t want to proceed forward, conduct brainstorming sessions with them for reasoning and making them want to work with you
o   If they give you the option of postponing, give them the impression that you will make it happen no matter what!

2.  Adjust with the ‘new normal’ post calamity

o   Go for a fresh start. Remember the mistakes and bask in the freshness that your organization re-begins with
o   Be supportive of the parties with whom you ally and execute their events at the best of your abilities

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Event industry is one industry that dwells people in happiness and let not Corona bring you down. This time shall pass and if you are a hard core fan of events & get-togethers know that it is not too far-flung…!