How to Engage Audience through Virtual Events?
How to Engage Audience through Virtual Events? July 16,2020 music , business

Corona times are one particular time that redefined almost everything. When people found their daily routines and processes obstructed because of this single virus that was the time that paved the way for alternatives. Work transformed to work from home, classes changed to online and events switched to virtual ones! Virtual events have dropped people’s boredom to a large extent during these days of lockdown. The success that event industries have been receiving during the past few months has made more of them to switch their upcoming events to online mode.

Upcoming virtual events are widely being booked and the reception it received is something beyond what the event industries have been expecting. The spectators of the event industries are confident that even after the corona times, event industries and enthusiasts will still have their love for virtual events platforms.

What are the Tips to Improve Audience Engagement for Online Events?

What companies once used to do for live events are being experimented on virtual events platforms in the now. Some tips to improve customer engagement for online events are discussed below:

 Draw the attention of the audience with short and relevant content

When events are one sided communication, it is possible that your audience get fed up easily and chances are thick that they leave your event in between. So it is highly recommended that you place audience engagement sessions in between the virtual event like answering audience questions or asking for their opinion through voting or polling. Including games and tapping into their competitive sides. You will see the audience getting lively! Games like memory games, brainy puzzles, riddles etc. will be the best to choose from.

Also keeping the length of your virtual event precise with relevant and presentable content should be well researched before it goes live. This will give anticipated results only if you conduct enough research and arrive at optimal conclusions. Apart from these, it is important that you don’t overkill your audience with huge loads of one-way communicated information.  If you have got this, the audience is sure to fall for your show!

What Appears on Your Screen Matters!

How long do you think the attention span of your audience lasts if you are planning to keep it in some visual screensaver or some other similar sort of screen ideas? Having a catchy appearance for your screen is very important so that the audience will have the feeling of communicating to a person or rather a virtual person. Additionally, if you have a presenter who can host the whole program, that would benefit the sprightly engagement of the audience.

Music has got a major part in drawing the audience’s attention. A sleepy audience can be shaken awake with some energizing music played in between. The background that you choose is another thing that matters. Choose some refreshing or event-specific dynamic background options and this has an impact on the visual area of your audiences’ brains! Get creative with your virtual stage and make sure that you don’t overdo it.

Technology That Matches the Event

Make sure the upcoming event has a perfect sink with the technology, especially if you are a newbie in the industry. Choosing the right platform that matches with the type of upcoming virtual events that you host is vital. Even if this means that you have to choose some paid service, do it for the sake of your event’s success. The more appropriate and interactive features you add to your virtual events’ platform, the more engaging it is going to be.

Avoid the traditional way of presenting things. Think out of the box. Try to foresee and do things that others won’t! People are already tired with the regular way of conducting events. If you succeed in including freshly brewed content, then that will be a ‘huge plus’ for your show.


Digital mediums have copiously supported virtual events platforms when the scope of live events subsided. So it is better that you tick all the boxes that are essential for conducting good virtual events that unfailingly engage its audience. Essentially you need to instruct the audience in prior regarding the upcoming virtual event you are organizing. Prepare your audience for the event so that they know what to expect and have their expectations on par! So shall we start with the planning?!