Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas Season!!
Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas Season!! December 08,2020 culture , lifestyle , family

December always is a special month of the year- it is the month of merry, joy, decorations, gifts, holidays, Christmas fun, chilly weather, bells, stockings, carol, Santa and of course New Year! December is the indication of the ending of a beautiful year and is when you prepare yourself for a pleasant and hope-filled New Year.

Christmas events and Christmas Day are all that we long await for an entire year for celebrating with our loved ones, exchanging gifts, having family dine-outs, decorating Christmas trees, making the crib, hanging the stars, baking cakes, preparing wines and cooking a whole lot of mouthwatering dishes.

Agreeing to ages old tradition and ancestral stories that we hear, Christmas is the annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Even though most of the countries across the world celebrate Christmas on December 25, as per the Georgian Calendar, there are still few countries that celebrate Christmas on different dates as per the Roman calendar and other ancient calendars.

Nevertheless, these dates that we celebrate doesn’t matter, the season is what matters! This season has something special to it that gives a unique pleasurable feeling to its admirers. Families attending the midnight mass and exchanging pleasantries with friends and relatives whom they meet after long days are the best part of Christmas fun. Christmas activities like Children visiting their parents and grandparents for getting together, shopping, chit-chatting, exchanging gifts and there is a much longer list that we can keep on conversing about!

The warmth feeling of Christmas runs on everyone and all have this urge of doing ‘the best’ for each other. Extending your helping hands to those who need, buying food for the poor and people are inevitably dragged into doing such good deeds, coz it’s Christmas!!

Be it work or home, there is this wonderful mix of green, red and white colors everywhere and is quite a wonderful sight to eye on! The true feeling of togetherness, joy, grit, gratitude, festivity, and enthusiasm is experienced during this season of the year and this is the exact reason why even those people who are unknown to each other come together for sharing and caring.

Apart from all these, there is a reason why December and Christmas is the most awaited time of the year for kids. In this world in which kids are regarded as “smart”, they still have the heart to believe their parents when they say that if the kids behave properly, then Santa will present them with Christmas gifts and Christmas goodies. Why should the fairy tales ever end, right? After all, this world isn’t that bad a place! On Christmas Eve, the kids go to bed believing that the first thing that is waiting for them in the morning is the gift that Santa has left for them.

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As we pass through each day of December, it will be unfair if you are not reminded of what the famous American songwriter Jim Reeves caroled in his Christmas song, “It is Christmas season, so there isn’t any reason!” Seconding what the singer sang, bear in your minds people this:

Christmas is the very reason why you should do the best for yourself and others!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

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