Go Green: Make Your Events Sustainable with IndiaEve
Go Green: Make Your Events Sustainable with IndiaEve May 27,2020 business

The faces of events have changed a lot over the past many years. Earlier when you thought about an event what would come to your mind? The advertisement in papers, the open counters to obtain tickets, the bills of purchased items, stalls selling food and drinks in paper plates and cups- it was all a fad with paper involved! 

The question is ‘World has become smart, have you?’  In the events’ perspective, things have changed, yes! But there are a lot more we can do to make it look smarter. Events which earlier used to get prolonged due to the long queues and entry procedures have become less time consuming at a considerable rate. 

As mentioned earlier, things got smarter and you know, there’s a lot of free Events Listing Portal in India which could sweep the market attention by large. The convenience that it projected caught the attention of the event organizers and the enthusiasts. Once what used to consume a lot of time of the hosts and the attendees started to be a good ‘time manager’ when the Event Ticketing System came to practice. The hosts of events started selling event tickets online that made it easy for either party.

IndiaEve is one such platform that makes things easy for both event organizers and goers. IndiaEve offers an all-in-one service relevant for an event like:

  • Organizing events

  • Event Promotion

  • Ticketing services

  • Organizer App

  • 24*7 customer support

IndiaEve literally bridges the gap between event organizers and enthusiasts by all means. The only time probably the organizers would meet the enthusiasts would be at the time of the event, everything else can be done over a smart and powerful medium like the web.

While discussing the fine points that free event listing portals can offer, we are missing out one very important point that is more relevant than all those- the ‘paperless’ attitude of event listing platforms! The online way of event listing and ticket collection is amply reducing the use of paper. The online event listing portals are completely oblivious to the fact that they are protecting the environment by reducing the use of paper. 

Online event portals are one reason to save the planet earth by reduced cutting of trees for papers. Tickets which used to be paper printed would be thrown messily by the attendees everywhere- this is seriously unbecoming of us as environmentally committed individuals. 

While making your events victorious ones, event listing portals like IndiaEve makes you environmentally loyal. Hence it is win-win in the business perspective and in the ethical perspective. 

Registering with IndiaEve ensures the 100% management of your event right from its registration till the windup. Online management of events ensures your event reaches more audiences. 

Also, it can promptly solve any complications occurring at any given point. Everyone is having a smart device through which they access the entire world at their fingertips.  When you have the privilege to use the power of the web through a smart device like mobile or tablet or laptop or PC, do not miss the opportunity to explore the astounding world of events through IndiaEve!