Best Destinations in India to Celebrate New Year 2020
Best Destinations in India to Celebrate New Year 2020 December 10,2019 lifestyle

New Year is always energizing and the best time of the year to make the most memorable and jubilant moments of your life. New Year destinations are always on high demand and definitely are one of the best options to celebrate New Year events with family and friends. We familiarize you with the best destinations in India to celebrate this New Year.


Goa is a ‘round the year’ open place for tourists and New Year is the best time for paying a visit to Goa. The Sunburn festival and colorful New Year carnivals during the year end are always eye-candies for visitors. With DJ parties to ‘dance to the beat’, boozy parties and clubbing with the enthusiasts, there is no place where partying can be more startling. With the beaches in Goa where you dive, surf and enjoy ‘under the sky’ splendid moments, imagine how grand your New Year parties can get!


Puduchery embraces French culture dearly and the celebrations at Puduchery have a French essence to it. People in India are engrossed in absorbing the French spirit to their celebration and this is the reason why Puduchery has a heavy rush during New Year season. The French and Indian culture in the perfect mix is thus making Puduchery the new favorite destination for New Year Party goers.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Yet another exquisite place where New Year Celebrations are spent on yachts and beach sides. New Year party gets more magnificent with the DJs and pool side parties organized by resorts at the place. The ‘in mint condition’ sands and surrounding water of Andaman & Nicobar Islands are famous for water sports and the New Year Party goers can club scuba diving and other water games to their to-do list for making the visit even more fun-filled. 


The Jaisalmer Fort, an acclaimed World Heritage Site by UNESCO is all lit during the New Year eve. The golden sands of Rajasthan welcome the New Year enthusiasts for camp fire and musically rich get together parties making the New Year celebration ‘festive’ to the fullest. One of the main attractions of Rajasthan is the ‘Palace on wheels’ travel that the visitors should never miss for a wondrous experience through the ‘Golden Sands’ of the city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.



The capital city of Kerala Trivandrum, ‘Venice of the East’ Alappuzha and the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ Kochi are famously best places for celebrating New Year. The New Year celebration in Kochi is much commendable with people from different culture coming together and celebrate the New Year carnival, enjoy different flavors of food and have a good time partying. The New Year countdown gatherings and accord of the people from diverse culture makes the New Year celebration in Kerala one of the most exceptional one.

Himachal Pradesh

Love snowfalls, chilly weather and a hot cup of tea or coffee? Manali awaits you with adventure activities on one side and serenity and natural gorgeousness on the other. The weather at Manali, Himachal Pradesh and the DJ parties will surely inebriate your life-force and create a whole lot of pleasing reminiscences.


The city of hubs, parties, and techies is what Bangalore is. During New Year, Bangalore welcomes visitors with DJs, partying arenas and plenty of pubs to hang out with friends. The streets are all lit up and the festive mood is full on during New Year eve. The biggest of offers to enjoy New Year eve are open and it takes no time to get sold out!


The city of joy becomes extra joyous during the New Year season. The endless city and the building are decorated with lights. People are on the streets celebrating and sharing the food, enjoying the true spirit of festive seasons. One thing about Kolkata is that the ages old culture of Kolkata always reflects in their celebration adding to the beauty of it, especially for the foreign tourists.


Mumbai is a city that never sleeps- in the most formal or the informal way and hence is why it is regarded as the Business Capital of India. There is always rush and people with whom you can celebrate any season of the year. One thing about the people of Mumbai is that they are warm at keeping relations and very open to building new- this definitely is the sole reason for enthusiasts why they should spend New Year at Mumbai. Mumbai always gives a unique ‘feel good’ and ‘at home’ feeling for its visitors.

India has places with varied climate, speckled people, diverse culture and mixt celebrations! Deciding on how to plan New Year Parties & Events in India is confounding for you, we know. Make your decisions quick, pack your bag and off you go to make the best of New Year memories. So this New Year, where to?