Bathroom Singers Workshop in Bangalore| Musical Events in India
Bathroom Singers Workshop in Bangalore| Musical Events in India July 25,2018 music

If you are looking for a change from a bathroom singer to a professional singer, it’ll surely help you. A workshop for bathroom singers will be organized at Vijaya Audios Bangalore on 29th July 2018.

There is no age limit or prior experience to participate in this event. Anybody can participate who loves the music.

What You'll Gain

  • The most important qualities that a professional singer should develop
  • Tips and tricks of professional singing
  • Misconceptions and myths about singing
  • Problems that singers generally face while singing
  • How to get over stage fright?
  • Recording in a studio and techniques
  • Voice Culture Techniques
  • Voice Analysis

Three levels of workshop

There are three levels in this workshop:

In the first level workshop, the participants will record a song in the studio after they are given an introduction to professional singing. The recording is then sent to them through an e-mail along with a detailed feedback about their singing which includes their strengths and weaknesses.

In the second level participants are taught voice exercises and learn how to control their breathing.

The third level workshop is conducted over a two-month long period over the weekends at the end of which they perform on stage in front of an audience of thousands.

Find out the serious singer in you!!!!

More information about this event will be available at Indiaeve. You can also find out the upcoming events in 2018.