Adventure Sports Destinations in India
Adventure Sports Destinations in India May 20,2019 sports

Are You An Adventurist? Here Are Places That You Should Definitely Visit…


Bir Billing: Regarded as the ‘home’ to paragliding, Himachal Pradesh has held the first ever world cup for paragliding at this small village called Bir Billing. It also has other paragliding destinations like Devidhar, Parvati Valley, Rohtang and Bakhli.

Manali: One of the most preferred paragliding destinations, Manali is located in Himachal Pradesh and what makes it the most opted is the availability of the sport throughout the year except monsoon. Solang Valley and Marhi are the two most famous spots for paragliding in Manali.

Mussoorie: Mussoorie is a destination near Delhi that takes off from Mussoorie Lake and can fly till Dehradun at a height of 2300 meters above sea level.

Kamshet: This is a paragliding location near Mumbai and Pune.  Starting from Tower Hills, this destination is Paragliders’ paradise destination.

Bangalore: Silicon Valley is not famous only for game cafes, but it has the attention of the public as an adventure sports destination. Paragliding in Bangalore is available mainly at destinations- Hoskote Lake (20 km away from the main city) and Nandhi Hills (65km away from the city at a height of 1478m above sea level).

Nainital: Naukuchiatal and Bhimtal are the two paragliding destinations in Nainital and offer the joy of flying at an average height of 2000m. The beautiful lakes which Naintal is famous for, paragliding experience for the fliers is assured to be a nature and beauty bound one.

Yelagiri: Looking for a paragliding spot at Chennai? Yelagiri offers you with a beautiful flying experience at a height of 2200m. Yelagiri is at 3 hours traveling distance from the city. Chennai has another spot for parasailing at Marina Beach every day in the evening.

Ranikhet: Rishikesh is a famous pilgrim center. Over the last years, rafting and paragliding at this place have gained the interest of the sports adventurers. Ranikhet is 120 km away from Rishikesh and offers parasailing and paragliding activities.

Panchagni: Panchagni, a town near the famous Mahabaleshwar offers paragliding from the Horizon point. It is generally a favorite spot for adventure loving young couples.

Shillong: Destines at Shillong in Meghalaya, it is also called ‘Scotland of the East’. The place offers with paragliding experience with the view of the immense beauty of nature for the fliers.

Gangtok: In the north eastern states of India, Gangtok offers you with adventure sports that reveal the magnificence of Himalayas. The organizers arrange more relaxed tandem flights for the fliers at Gangtok.


Jagdalpur: Get pumped up by this Bungee jumping destination only a few kilometers away from Raipur.

Lonavala, Maharashtra: Experience in the outskirts of Pune the joy of adventure. It has an adventure park called Della Adventure. As part of the safety precautions, only people above 10 years age and with an average body weight of 35 kilograms are allowed for the ride. The instructors will provide the rules and guidelines of the ride. After the thrilling adventure, a certificate is given to the adventurers certifying that they have ‘overcome their fears’. Bungee Jumping is open for tourists throughout the year.

Bangalore, Karnataka: Ozone Adventures in Bangalore offers a different kind of bungee jumping. Bungee jumping in Bangalore differs from other bungee jumping locations. They offer bungee jumping from a height of 80 feet above the ground from a 130 feet mobile crane (there is no fixed platform like other destinations). Generally, the use of a mobile crane is commented to be a little dicey but people still go for the delight. Those between 18 and 60 years of age can enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping. The adventure is open throughout the year.

Goa: Gravity Adventure Zone is the organizer of Bungee Jumping in Goa. The location is near Anjuna beach. The bungee jumping is from a height of 80 feet. One of the lowest bungee jumping sites, the installation is undertaken by the US Company Sports Tower Inc. From October till March, the visitors can enjoy the adventure ride.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: A small town in Dehradun, this place is a throughout the year open destination for bungee jumping. The average height of bungee jumping is 83 feet. This destination is one of the best who provides with the facilities and is one of the highest Bungee jumping sites in India. The long sturdy beam over the cliff gives the destination its attractiveness in terms of height.

New Delhi: The adventure is available in India’s national capital too and is open from October till March. The equipment here is imported from Japan and has trained staff from Germany which ensures the adventure is 100% secures. The jump is from a 130 feet high crane and if you take a leap of faith and do the task, you will receive a T-shirt, a cap and a certificate for the daring activity.


Andaman Islands, Andaman & Nicobar: Andaman is a favorite destination for Scuba divers because of the flamboyant marine life and coral reefs. The diver impact is comparatively very less and hence the divers can discover and enjoy an entirely new sea world and marine treasures in its primeval form.

Netrani Karnataka: In this scuba diving destination you will find all new set of marine life that has numerous varieties of fishes and reefs. This is the best destination for beginners.

Lakshadweep Islands: The human activities are the reason why oceans are very badly affected.  In that regard, Lakshadweep Island is the best place due to its environs and is a loveable place for scuba divers. Lakshadweep has beautiful coral features and the sea world remaining in its beauty because of these less human interferences.


Rishikesh, Uttarakhand: When it comes to adventure verticals, Rishikesh never is missed out from the list. It is once again calling out the adventurers to experience the thrilling water rafting that it offers and is regarded to be the ideal destination in India for water rafting.

Baga, Goa: Goa is the beach destination in India. Owing to the gushing in of the tourists, Goa has given more attention to beach adventure activities like parasailing, wind surfing, and jet skiing.

Lakshadweep Island: Lakshadweep is one place that has not been much affected by human activities. It is one destination that is regarded to be the best in natural beauty. With the pleasant feeling that the destination provides it also offers some sports for our adrenaline rush like yachting and kayaking in the Arabian Sea.


Shepherd’s Trail, Himachal Pradesh: The snowcapped mountains of Kulu valley invites the adventurists to explore the aesthetic beauty of the mountains by foot-scaling it. The very beauty of the landscapes will cool your mind and drive the adventure junkie in you.

Zanskar, Jammu & Kashmir: The scenic beauty of Kargil stuffs you up with the essence of pride and beautiful memories to inherit. Zanskar is a remote area of the J&K state.

Dodital, Uttarakhand: The majestic Himalayan Mountains summons the trekkers to enjoy the exciting valleys to accelerate their exuberance. Himalayan mountains are one place that is surely not to be missed and trekking allows the adventure devotees to enjoy it in a detailed and deliberate pace through trekking.


Singalila Ridge, West Bengal: The Singalila Ridge is one of the world‘s most amazing bike treks and has drawn more attention to the nature explorers in recent years.

Pang to Rumtse, Ladakh: Ladakh, a place of natural beauty and surrounded by valleys is best explored by cycling. The long pedaling through Ladakh is more about relish and tranquil rather than adventure.

Trails of Sikhim: This is one of the favorite destinations for mountain bikers. This place is referred to as ‘Himalayan Shangri La’. Head to Sikhim for an exciting climb and picturesque beauty.

Then, What’s your Plan? Pack your bag and head to the most exciting destination on this list!