Emerging Event Trends That You Need to Know in 2021
Emerging Event Trends That You Need to Know in 2021 May 24,2021 business , lifestyle , education

2020 redefined the event industry forever. It changed our lifestyle, working culture, habits, etc. It is expected that 2021 will be a year of uncertainty. Hybrid events will be the king of this year and this will be a year of rebuilding. It combines live in-person events with a virtual online component. If 2020 was a year of virtual events 2021 will be a year of hybrid events. If we look at the future it is clear that virtual and hybrid are here to stay.


Following are the Emerging Trends in 2021

  • Virtual experience:

As a result of the pandemic, event planners are embracing more event technologies. It is really different from the real world. People can experience an artificial world and can move around it. At the initial phase, event planners struggled to make live events virtually. Due to demanding situation 

  • Micro-events:

These are smaller events that will help to create strong bonds with people. Beyond safety, it will build a platform for interaction and personal connection. Compared to larger groups, smaller groups are more convenient to maintain a heart-to-heart connection. These events include people in a limited space-maintaining social distance and wearing masks.

  • A Rise in Tech competency:

If we look at the positive aspect of the pandemic, the only pros are the increase in tech knowledge. Event planners are depending on technology to make their plans and dream real.

  • Engaging People:

Entertaining and engaging people on a virtual platform is always a challenge. Various activities like polls, contests, etc can make the event more lively and active and it also provides interactive capability to the audience.

  • A Rise in Event Platform Usage:

Post pandemic days increased the number of users of event ticketing websites like IndiaEve. People are seeking an event to make their life colorful and it is also a way to escape from the current reality.
Technology plays a pivotal role in the organization of an event. It took over the huddles of event promotion and ticketing. In this new normal world, event promotion strategies changed drastically. Event hosting patterns and event promotion ideas are taking new diversions to make a boom in the industry. Event promotion companies are trying their best to sustain themselves in this new normal world. Event promotion websites in India are also seeking unconventional ways to overcome present circumstances.

The event industry accepted the change from in-person to virtual swiftly. A single pandemic dramatically accelerates technology adoption and digitalization. A proper strategy is needed to cope up with these uncertain times. The event industry has changed forever and the challenges are reinforcing. With proper planning and strong technical support, we can overcome the current situation.

Some of the event technology trends of 2020 are live streaming, live translation, artificial intelligence, etc. In 2021 it is expected that micro experience will rule the industry. In this digital world, live events and face-to-face experiences are gaining more popularity. It is reported that most marketers believe that live events are their important marketing channel.

People, especially Indians, are fun lovers. Till the arrival of coronavirus, various events and parties took place across India. Each one of them enjoyed it to the fullest. Personal bondings and friendships grew through such events but the new normal world is forcing people to create bonding in the virtual world. Now people are trying to enjoy and build relationships through online platforms.  

In this uncertain time, we can see a light of hope in hybrid event space. We have entered a new territory of new experiments. This will be a period of trial and error and we are forced to take tough decisions. In other aspects, this year can be considered as a year of immense possibilities and we can hope that this phase will give an insight into the event planning strategy of 2021.  Let us witness the future of the event industry and how it is going to withstand the present scenario.