Bengaluru International Arts Festival 2021

Oct 03, 2021 - Oct 03, 202117:00-18:00
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CELEBRATING HARMONY AND HEAL THROUGH ARTS in Association with Karnataka Classical Music Confederation Trust.

AIM'S 14th-year Celebrations of BIAF 2021 proves its sustainable growth as an acclaimed annual Global festival, in the map of the international festivals of the world. AIM is an NGO dedicated to the propagation of the performing arts, with a focus on the Indian Classical forms and its emerging contemporary expressions.

The brainchild of Dr.SumaSudhindra&Dr.Veena Murthy Vijay, AIM has been actively promoting the performing arts, music, dance and theatre through mega festivals, lectures and workshops. Another important contribution to the environment to Bengaluru is “Go Green Bengaluru”, a Campaign dedicated to planting trees and creating a forestation around Bengaluru. AIM has produced a lifestyle series for television One State Many Worlds.

Nil Chowdiah Memorial Hall Vyalikaval, Bengaluru Entry Criteria: Not Available Not Available
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