Call It Magic! With Suhani Shah

Oct 18, 2020 - Oct 18, 202018:00-20:00
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Be a part of the digital show, Call It Magic! With Suhani Shah on 18th October 2020.

During this Covid pandemic, Suhani is here to add some magic in your quarantine life.

In this 45-minute magical milieu, Suhani Shah pulls random information from your mind – from your hometowns to your first crush and even your phone passcodes; predicts events, guesses a word you picked out of a random novel or figures out the name of the person you’re thinking about, leaving everybody both amazed and exhilarated.

In this digital show, Suhani takes audience interaction and experience to a whole new level, all from across your screen.

Be a part of this mysterious and entertaining show!

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