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Apr 28, 2019 - Apr 28, 20195 AM
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The speed at which the quality of air that one breathes has deteriorated during the twentieth century points to excessive use of fossil fuels as the main reason for this development.

However, the destruction of environment that has followed in the wake of adoption of culture of unbridled consumption makes one realize that time has come for revisiting the priorities that should guide the present generation.


Let us all come forward and take a pledge to make our beautiful state pollution free. Let us take the first step forward by taking part in the activity of running by participating in Sunrise Green Run 2.0 organized by SUNRISE HOSPITAL.

 Kerala takes pride in being a literate state which has achieved very high standards in the areas of health care and education. However, there exists a crying need to instill in the younger generation the importance of treating Mother Nature with the required reverence

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