BOFC Webinar 7: A Complete Guide To BOFC: Features, Benefits & Installation

Mar 11, 2021 - Mar 11, 202111:00-12:00
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Welcome to BOFC Seventh (7th) Webinar in which we were talking about An overview of BOFC Benefits, Purchase & installation.

Welcome to BOFC ___ Webinar in which we were talking about:

- An overview of BOFC

- Benefits

- Purchase & installation

BOFC, ranked the World’s #1 Salesforce Metadata Application, is one-of-its-kind that has helped global companies like P&G, Vodafone, Move and Salesforce MVPs in saving time & making insightful decisions with efficient metadata management.

Key Benefits of BOFC

  1. It reduces your time & efforts involved in carrying out Salesforce Metadata operations by 90% with features like Bulk Field Creation, Bulk Export/Import Operations, Bulk Find/Deletion of Metadata.
  2. It facilitates insightful decision-making with its Compare & Explore Limits features.

Purchase & Installation

BOFC offers a range of thoughtfully curated plans that are suitable for both small & large enterprises. Once you purchase your preferred plan, you will receive a license key via email.

We’ll help you with its easy purchase & installation process in this Webinar that will help you get started with BOFC.

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