4 Hour Live Virtual Training on AWS Infrastructure and Networking

Sep 11, 2020 - Sep 11, 202013:00-17:00
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4 Hour Live Virtual Training on AWS Infrastructure and Networking will be hosted on 11th September 2020.

About the Course

This course will be teaching inner workings of AWS Infrastructure so that your environment will benefit from leveraging cloud servers in lieu of your on premise servers.You'll start off with learning how permissions work and how to use the json format when giving permissions to your staff. After that the next phase will be setting up your VPC for your environment with the proper routing for your infrastructure, during this segment we'll be going over Network Architecture, VPN, Network ACLs and Security Groups. After the VPC is set up we'll talk about EC2 instances which will be the main segment of the course. We'll talk to Windows and Linux instances, load balancing and security best practices. We'll be touching on Lambda theory in relation to using serverless functions to manage servers. After this we will be talking about S3 and the different tiers, permissions and lifecycle policies and we'll be closing with Billing.

Course Objective

Learn how to utilize and administer AWS in your IT environment

Setting up your root account

Creating users and adding proper permissions

Creating and managing your VPC

Creating and managing EC2 Instances

Setting up Load Balancers and Best Practices

Lambda in theory

Simple Storage Service basics

What to know about Billing

Who is the Target Audience?

System Administrators, Helpdesk Administrators

Basic Knowledge:

Helpdesk or System Administration basics



9036771917 Bangalore Gururaya Mansion, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560078 Entry Criteria: Not Available https://simplivlearning.com/virtual-classroom/4-hour-live-virtual-training-on-aws-infrastructure-and-networking
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